The Best Day of My Life

Love, Love, Love


I know it’s sounds cliché, but absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, beyond my wildest dreams, my wedding day was the most spectacular day of my life.  It was the day I had the honor and privilege to publicly vow to love, support, and celebrate my true love, Peter, in front of our family and friends.


We wanted our day to reflect what we cherish most, so for our venue, we selected one of the most iconic and beloved places in our hometown of New York City – the New York Public Library.  We knew that Fortitude and Patience, the stone lions who gracefully guard the library’s entrance, would warmly welcome our guests and that once inside, the treasured volumes in the gorgeous Rose Reading Room would speak to all of the fabulous adventures Peter and I were about to embark on.


We were getting married!


To eliminate some of the wedding planning stress, we decided to invite only those people who were actively involved in our daily lives.  This conveniently ruled out relatives we may have met only once or the distant but friendly colleagues we kept current with only via Facebook.  By setting parameters to invite only those that we had hung out with one-on-one within the past year, we found ourselves surrounded by a heartfelt, collective intimacy that I’ve never ever experienced before.  The love and joy that filled that room that day was so honest and pure that I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much – and for so long – in my life.  I mean, the room was literally vibrating with love (and LOTS of dancing).


And the love just intensified when my sister, Andrea, and Peter’s brother, Charles, stood up and testified as to how much we meant to them.  I mean, it was everything:  That day, I finally experienced what it means to weep tears of joy.


Love is such a powerful thing that it can’t just do nothing, so of course we channeled all of that affection into one big dance party.  We danced with gratitude for having found one another, we danced with gratitude for being surrounded by so much true love and support, and we danced and danced and danced some more, knowing that we were dancing our way into our future, a future that we knew would always be powered by love.


I love you, Peter!



Thank you for the best day of my life.




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