About Me

Nicholas Emerson is the founder and CEO of Supportful, an online crowdsupport platform that helps people experiencing hardships get support – all the ways they need it, not just some – from those who care. To create a free account or find out more, please visit www.supportful.com.

Previously Nicholas worked at a number of startups namely including Foodie For All and S’well Bottle to help them grow and scale. Before that he worked at the Alzheimer’s Association focusing on raising funds and awareness, community growth and engagement and all things operations. And prior to entering the nonprofit world, he worked in the corporate sector with positions at UBS Investment Bank in their global media group as well as at PwC.

Nicholas received his Bachelor of Science with dual-majors in Finance and Accounting from the Stern School of Business at New York University. He is a member of Mensa International and Intertel Society.

His volunteer work and support include New York Cares, SAGE and The Alzheimer’s Association.

Learn About Supportful.com


Whether you are someone in need of practical support or a helpful hand looking to provide it, the question “How can I help?” is often associated with times of hardship. Enter Supportful — a free crowdsupport platform that goes beyond crowdfunding by combining volunteering, supply and gift purchasing, storytelling, and group communication in one easy-to-use, convenient Care Page.

One Caring Place for All Your Practical Needs

How it Works

Supportful turns helpful intentions into useful actions. Up-to-date information allows communities to stay connected, and a customized list of need makes it easy to ask for and provide support.

  • Create – a free Care Page for yourself or someone else
  • Share – your story and purpose for creating the page
  • Add – any needs that are most relevant to your efforts
  • Update – your loved ones with new needs, details and information
  • Connect – mobilize your community to take action
  • Maximize time, save money, and create a meaningful impact